Development of the app for controlling Dr!ft. Dr!ft simulates the complete driving physics of a real racing car and mind-blowing sounddesign.

Lost Earth Training Experience

Serious game to train specialists on aerial reconnaissance. Immersive teaching to evaluate pictures most effectively


Realisation of a flashmob with the "Hans-Sachs" Choir and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Nuremberg: Ode to Joy, by Ludwig van Beethoven. 20M YouTube views.

Create Music Browser App

Development and operation of online service Createmusic: Breakthrough customization of production music with a browser-based app.

Sonicfire Pro

Desktop application for professional video producers providing the fastest way to customize music to videos. Software development, running of a production music platform, incl. web shop.


Revolutionary VST sound design plug-in giving a wide range of authentic virtual jet engines based on their real-world counterparts.

Catch & Release VR Game

Realistic VR game that meets the latest technical requirements and impresses with its outstanding graphics.


Workstation with Audio Software

Digital transformation means business transformation. Our team has 20 years of experience in agile project management and software development. We support you to be one step ahead

  • of permanently increasing customer expectations
  • at the growing speed of change
  • at Integration, which means interfaces with existing systems and technologies
  • in smart data processing with AI


  • Applications & Tools (PC, Mac, Mobile, Web, X-Box, Playstation)
  • PlugIns & Processing (VST, AU, AAX, JUCE, WWISE, Unity, Unreal, Web)
  • Prototyping & Manufacturing (proprietary software, tool chain design)
Man sitting in front of workstation with 3d model of a guitar

The Digital Twin is the virtual equivalent of your real product. It can bring additional benefits and cost savings at all stages of the product life cycle (PLM):

  • Conceive (definition of the product requirements)
  • Design (development of the product)
  • Realize (manufacturing, coding)
  • inService (after sales services)


  • Interactive 3D model based on customer CAD data
  • Virtual prototyping for products that do not physically exist yet
  • Virtual Acoustic Prototyping
Man with VR Headset

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of a real environment that places the user in a completely artificial digital environment and is provided via headmount displays. Today, with the increasing spread of this technology, we are only at the beginning of a multitude of new possibilities.


  • InteractiveImmersive storytelling
  • Virtual collaborative engineering
  • Interactive Learning and Training
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Augmented Reality (AR) superimposes the real world with computer-generated graphics to improve the user view digitally. AR is usually viewed and interacted with via mobile phones, tablets, consoles or special hardware such as the hololens.


  • Shared augmented workplace / Remote collaboration
  • Remote technical service
  • Training and Manuals
  • Attaching content to “any” object
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XR Multimedia is an effective digital sidekick for your shows, events and advertising. No other medium connects your brand so closely with the individual. The brand experience can be experienced visually and acoustically and enables unique approaches.


  • Event support VR experiences
  • Interactive Sound Services
  • Cinematics, animation, motion capture
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Gamification is an effective way to influence user behavior and enrich your brand advertising. It is a perfect tool to create unique and sustainable user experiences for training, social impact and advertising, and will play a growing role in people's lives, combined with the rise of augmented and virtual reality.


  • Serious games
  • VirtualUser motivation & immersion though gamified features (virtual and in real life)
  • Playful learning


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We are focused on flexible, tailor-made services:


  • Interactive experience and manipulation of complex 3D computer models in real time for engineering, virtual (acoustic) prototyping, training and marketing
  • Audio branding and sound design
  • Remote guidance apps for mobile devices or AR glasses
  • Condition monitoring via auditiv surveillance of machines and production lines
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A virtual environment offers excellent possibilities for experiencing architectural spaces. This applies to the planning of buildings, industrial plants and urban planning.

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Immersive show elements in VR bring fun and action to your event. Subtly, brand messages can be communicated and integrated into experiences with a real WOW factor. Furthermore we produce and licence music of all genres and for all purposes. We will help you to choose the perfect soundtrack for your event and put your customers in the right mood. Because nothing is as emotional as music.

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VR experiences are particularly suitable for training and learning due to their immersive character:


  • Participants are more motivated and retain much more content than with conventional trainings
  • All age groups are more motivated and enthusiastic
  • Trainings can be done with virtual items, which reduces costs and is location-independent
  • Explicit products or features that are not visible can be explained convincingly
  • Remote Guidance makes it possible for an expert to guide you no matter where in the world he is
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There are now a lot of innovative ideas through which brands are trying to engage their consumers for maximum recall value:


  • All-in-one shopping experiences
  • Product trials and consumer interactive dialogues
  • Interactive ads
  • Events
  • Experiential marketing is the practice of encouraging consumers to experience the brand and participate actively in the campaign. Since VR brings an immersive experience, consumers are more likely to remember the brand and spread the world.
  • VR/AR Experiences
  • Gamification
  • 3D Visualisation
  • CGI Animation
  • Motion Capture
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Museums aim to bring collections to life with a balanced mix of science and storytelling. VR is an excellent tool for this. It offers a different experience – that of total immersion in an exhibit. Many museums around the globe are already embracing its potential.

The VR technology, thanks to its compelling and appealing features, might act as a picklock particularly useful to target segments of the public, especially young people, more comfortable with new media than with traditional communication of cultural content.

VR can also provide a new kind of access to the exhibition, for people who are limited or disabled, and can’t visit the display in person.


  • VR Experiences for immersive storytelling
  • AR Guides
  • Apps for mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets)
  • Playful Learning
  • Virtual Exhibition
  • Interactive and multimedia showcases